Double Exposure Blackjack Rules

Double Exposure is a lot different than your standard Blackjack game because you can see both of the dealer's cards.  There is many rules against the player while playing Double Exposure because this rule one rule gives the player a big advantage over the casino.  Knowing the correct Double Exposure Blackjack strategy is important with all the unique rules that alter the house advantage dramatically.

Double Exposure Rules

- Both of the dealer's cards are showing
- Player is paid 1:1 if the dealer and the player both have Blackjacks
- Doubling down after splits is allowed
- Players can re-split up to three times to make four hands
- Aces can be re-split

Draw backs:
- Players will receive only one card after splitting Aces
- Dealer hits a soft 17
- Double down only on a hard 9, 10 or 11
- Blackjacks after splitting Aces only count as 21
- Blackjacks are paid 1:1
- Dealer wins on all ties except Blackjacks
- Eight decks of cards are used
- No insurance available because both of the dealer cards are showing