Blackjack Terms: Double, Double Down

What happens when you "Double Down" in Blackjack?  When you double down you will receive one more card and only one more card.  When you double you will be doubling your wager as well.

How doubling down works

Your initial cards and wager
4 7

If you double down, you will receive one (and only one) card and your wager will be doubled
4 7 King
If you beat the dealer you will be paid out 2x your original wager, if you tie your hand will be a push and if you lose you will lose 2x your wagers.

Your Completed Hand
4 7 King

Dealer's Completed Hand
7 Ace

You win! You will be paid out your original wager + the double bet. For example: $5 (wager) + $5 (double bet) = $10 winnings!