Blackjack Bonus

Virtually every single online casino will give you a welcome bonus to you so that you can test out their casino, but few online casinos will allow you to play casino games with a low house edge, such as $1 online blackjack.  Luckily some of the best online casinos offer an online blackjack bonus and some of the best places to play blackjack, don't require you to play with a bonus in order to reduce the house edge.

Best Blackjack Bonuses

Which casino will offer you the biggest bonus will depend on the size of deposit you are planning of making.  Our top four blackjack casinos should please most players with their welcome bonus, even though some don't let you play blackjack with your welcome bonus.  There are some casinos such as the Bet Online Casino that offers such a competitive blackjack game, that almost none of the casinos can match there theoretical pay out percentage, including many that let you play blackjack with a bonus.  Playing blackjack at these types of casinos, offers two advantages.  First you will never feel trapped by a bonus and you will be playing blackjack online with an incredibly small house edge at all times.
    Which casino is the best to play blackjack will depend on the type of player you are.  Bonus Hunters will love playing at the Bet Online Casino, because they offer an easy to clear bonus for blackjack players.  The higher rollers and value bettors should like the Bet Online, and players that play $100 hands or anyone who is looking for the best value for a blackjack table , might prefer to play only at the Bet Online Casino, because they have high table limits packed with a low house edge.

Different Blackjack Variations

There is many different types of blackjack games to play.  Some allow you to double on any hand, some lets you double only on some hands, some allow you to re-split Aces and some actually allow you to see both of the dealer's cards while playing your hand.
    The most common and most popular blackjack game follows the Vegas Strip Blackjack rules.  The Vegas Strip rules allow you to buy insurance, you can re-split up to three times, double down on any two cards and you can even double down after splitting a pair.  Some of the other benefits are that the dealer has to stand on a soft seventeen, blackjacks are paid 3:2 and the dealer will look at the hole card whenever the dealer's up card is an Ace or a ten value card.  The drawbacks include, no re-splitting Aces, only one card is allowed after splitting Aces, four decks of cards are use, no surrender is allowed and blackjacks pay 1:1 when you split Aces.
    For Atlantic City Blackjack, the rules are mostly the same expect that late surrender is allowed and eight decks of cards are used.
    Playing Vegas Downtown blackjack is very similar as well except for one big rule change.  The dealer must hit a soft seventeen.  Other minor rule changes include that only two decks would be used and you will be allowed to surrender your hand.
    European Blackjack will make the dealer stand on a soft seventeen just like Vegas Strip, but there are many other rules that makes this game less desirable to play.  There is no re-splitting of any pair, you can not double down after splitting, players can only double down on a 9, 10 or a 11 and the worst rule of all is that the dealer will not check the hole card to check for blackjacks until after everyone has played their hands.
    There are also some more obscure blackjack variations that are nothing like the regular blackjack games that you play at your local casino.  Pontoon is a variation of blackjack that pays 2:1 if your hands has five cards which is also the best possible hand, a tie is a loss to the player, you can hit after doubling down and pontoons (blackjacks) pays out 2:1.
    Playing Blackjack Switch will have you playing two hands at the same time.  The player has the option of switching the second card of both hands with each other and when the dealer has a 22 all active player hands will be a push.  Yah, I am not making this stuff up.  Also, blackjacks pay 1:1 and no re-splitting is allowed.
    Double Exposure is unique variation of blackjack, because you can see both of the dealer's cards at all times.  This is a huge advantage, so to make up for this the dealer will win at all ties except for Blackjacks.  You will be paid 1:1 if both you and the dealer has BJ's.
    A Spanish 21 deck consists of 48 cards instead of the normal 52.  All four 10's are removed from the deck, this is a big disadvantage to the player.  To make up for this a player's BJ will beat a dealer's BJ, you can re-double once, Aces can be re-split and there is some special hands that pay out up to 50:1.  For a further review on the rules and about the special hands check out the Spanish 21 rules.